Sustainability and Quality

Baltic Block demonstrates the high quality and sustainability of its products and operations through its European Pallet Association (EPAL) certificate, ISO 50001:2018 energy management certificate, PEFC forest supply chain certificate, and a partnership with the global leader in pallet and container pooling CHEP.

In June 2022, Baltic Block received a bronze award in the Sustainability Index by the Institute for Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility! We received the highest rating for what was implemented in the areas of environment and market relations.

Baltic Block is an official partner of the 2nd Baltic Sustainability Awards!

Baltic Block is a proud partner of the second Baltic Sustainability Awards! This is one of our many steps towards more sustainable business practices. In partnership with innovation management company Helve, we invite companies, organisations, start-ups, as well as individuals in the Baltic States to apply for the Awards until October 14. You can submit your achievements in one of the three categories: impact, innovation, changemaker. Baltic Block’s director Andis Skele is part of the reputable jury together with other European experts in innovation, sustainability and Greentech; representatives from world-known start-ups, Baltic environment and technology organizations, and big corporations changing the rules for innovation and sustainability globally. Apply here! 

Care for the environment

We pursue waste-free production at Baltic Block!
The only material remaining from our manufacturing processes is tree bark, which we use to generate heat.
We work in line with European Parliament and Council Directive 94/62/EC on packaging and packaging waste.
We recycle packaging that is not produced during our manufacturing processes.
We contract a licensed company for disposing of our hazardous waste.
As a manufacturing company, Baltic Block has a category B polluting activity permit.
We regularly perform pollutant emission tests and measure the quality of our work environment.
We pay the natural resources tax responsibly.
In three years, we reduced the use of diesel forklifts in our production plant by about 90%.
We are committed to electric-powered machinery in production, and we reduced the amount of fossil energy use by some 30% in six years.
We set up a warehouse in Riga to cut down the mileage and consumption of fuel for transporting cargo. This step saved us approximately 29 tonnes of fuel last year.

Energy Efficiency

Baltic Block energy management system meets the requirements of the ISO 50001:2018 standard.
For heat production, we use a 100% renewable source of energy: wood biomass.
We supply our company and houses in a nearby village with the heat we generate.
In the long run, we plan to build a solar park to reduce the amount of electric power we buy.

Responsible Supply chain

We have received a PEFC certificate and only use 100% PEFC-certified raw materials in the manufacture of our certified products.

The PEFC forest supply chain certificate confirms that our production uses timber from sustainably managed forests, and that this timber can be traced in all our manufacturing and sales processes. 

Our partnership with a global leader, the CHEP pallet and container pooling company, further demonstrates the high quality of the blocks we make.

Care for our Employees

Health and accident insurance.
Ergonomic office environment. Maximum occupational safety in production.
Opportunities for professional growth and retraining.
Events for employees and their families.
Bonuses for important moments in life.
Initiatives to improve health: free 24/7 gym access, training with a certified physiotherapist, support for sporting events, access to healthy food and drinks at the workplace.


Last year, Baltic Block spent some EUR 200,000 on scientific research.

We set up a laboratory at the company’s production facilities to research and test the quality of composite blocks on a daily basis.