Baltic Block is an official partner of the Baltic Sustainability Awards!

Baltic Block is a proud partner of the second Baltic Sustainability Awards! This is one of our many steps towards more sustainable business practices. In partnership with innovation management company Helve, we invite companies, organisations, start-ups, as well as individuals in the BalticStates to apply for the Awards until October 14. You can submit your achievements in one of the three categories: impact, innovation, changemaker. Baltic Block’s director Andis Skele is part of the reputable jury together with European experts in innovation, sustainability, and Greentech, representatives from world-known start-ups, Baltic environment and technology organizations, and big corporations changing the rules for innovation and sustainability globally. Apply here!

Baltic Block is awarded Bronze in the Sustainability index!

Dear friends, colleagues, partners! We have great news to share! We have just been awarded Bronze in the Sustainability index organized by the Institute for Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility! We are participating for the first time and the results are truly rewarding! It confirms that we are a sustainable, responsible and forward-looking company. Many thanks to the whole Baltic Block team for the amazing job and contribution! Let's continue in the same spirit!

What goes around, comes around. Recycling at Baltic Block!

What goes around, comes around - this saying leads us in decision-making regarding recycling: 1) we implement waste-free production; 2) the tree bark, which is the only production residue, we use to produce heat; 3) packaging originating outside the production (~8 t / a year) we do recycle; 4) hazardous waste, e.g., fluorescent lamps, we hand over to the professionals for disposal; 5) Baltic Block’s packaging corresponds to the 94/62/EC directive on packaging and packaging waste!

Baltic Block’s steps towards sustainability

This time on green(er) transportation! 1) In the production we purposefully switch to electronics: in three years we have reduced the use of diesel forklifts by ~ 90%; in six years we have reduced use of fossil fuel by at least 30%! 2) By creating a warehouse in Riga, we save ~ 28 980 litres of fuel per year! Latest data from 2021. 3) Our leading freight carrier on Riga routes uses CNG (compressed natural gas). This is an eco-friendly alternative to gasoline and the cleanest combustible alternative fuel. 4) We support the choice of our employees to drive in electric and hybrid cars. Last year our company obtained the first 100% electric car!

Waste – free production is Baltic Block’s step towards a better environment!

We produce innovative pallet blocks from firewood, recycled and untreated wood waste.The tree bark, which is the only production residue, we use to produce heat for the whole company and the houses in the nearby village. We transfer the wood ash generated in the production for further use in agriculture as a liming material. As a result, we produce high-quality composite blocks. This is the new pallet manufacturing standard and guarantees the sustainability of any pallet!

Baltic Block va un paso más allá en el campo del marcado individual de bloques

Ahora puedes personalizar los bloques de palés tanto con los colores y tamaños que quieras, como con una impresión de inyección de tinta de alta calidad, sostenible y adaptable. ¡Este es el nuevo estándar en la industria de la madera! 

2021 was the most successful year for Baltic Block so far!

We are pleased to announce that during the 9 years of operations, 2021 has been the best year for Baltic Block so far! Find the most important facts and figures in the graphic. Thanks to all of our employees in Sauleskalns and Riga, and to all of our customers in 30+ countries worldwide!

Baltic Block will provide 10 jobs to Ukrainian refugees

Baltic Block plans to offer 10 jobs to Ukrainian refugees who are forced to flee their homes because of the brutal Russia's invasion to the free, independent Ukraine. Ukrainians now need a protection and support and we will do our best to help them. We will provide 10 jobs and help them to find a place to live as close as possible to the Baltic Block factory. For more information please contact Eva Šķēle, Head of Marketing Communications (, +371 26326981).

Baltic Block stands with Ukraine!

Today we witness the most inhumane, brutal and heartless war happening in the Ukraine. Too much children, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and grandparents have lost their lives in this devastating attack. #WeStandWithUkraine and we invite you to do so as well: by speaking up! Do it publicly, speak with your government, join the peaceful protests; by using the power of social media, download posters here; by donating; by providing shelter and jobs to Ukrainian refugees; by cutting business ties with Russia and Belarus! #SlavaUkraini #AtbalstiUkrainu #StandWithUkraine