Better than solid wood pallet blocks
More resistant to
Average swelling = 1.3%

Higher nail


Average resistance = 4.2 kN
Higher stretch
Average threshold = 0.4 N/m2

Rich in natural


Coniferous trees are widely used
Comply with IPPC standards
Average ρ = 550-750 kg/m3

Minimal CO2


All timber is harvested locally
Individual dimensions
Dimensions of blocks can be customised to your needs
Customised colour
You can order blocks of individual colour and coating
Marking can be burnt into blocks
We are strategically located in Madona, Latvia. Latvia's forestation exceeds 42% and is rich in high-resin coniferous trees perfect for the production of composite blocks.
Our advanced factory is in large part powered by sustainable energy that we generate on the spot. It also houses the only cintinuous extrusion technology in Northern Europe.
Reliable service
Baltic Block offers appropriate and individual packing of the finished products, based on your desires.
Baltic Block ensures uninterrupted delivery all day long and 365 days a year.
Each month more than 300 trucks deliver 11,500 m3 of finished products to 25 countries worldwide.
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less wastefull
than traditional solid wood blocks
Better durability
and longevity
than traditional solid wood blocks
90% export
Every month, we ship more than 140 trucks of Baltic Block to destinations as diverse as Germany, United Arab Emirates, and China.
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Increasing capacity
To meet demand, we are ramping up production from 6,000 to 7,000 m3 per month by adding a 5th production line in 2015.
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